Ever since I began this restoration, I have faithfully logged all the work I have done.
It has been a lot of hard work but I’ve never regretted starting the project. I love a challenge. I love to fix things, build things, learn things, do things.

9/1/2015Purchase and pick up car, Add 1 qt Lucas transmission fix, Add 1/2 qt Type f trans fluid
9/1/2015discover carb is replaced with reman manual trans version (no kickdown linkage), discover hot air choke has been disabled and converted to manual choke which doesn't work, idles very rough, water temp seems high at 190-200
9/3/2015removed hood
9/4/2015rebuild carb, still idles rough
9/5/2015New plugs, check/clean brakes, check points & distributor cap, replace positive batt cable, still idles rough
9/6/2015Oil gauge line broke & spilled quarts of oil on garage floor
9/7/2015removed oil gauge line and replaced with oil pressure sending switch, set timing…was at 1 deg aft tdc. Advanced to 16 deg bef tdc FIXED rough idle! water temp much better at 160, test drive. Engine running well. Trans not slipping. Steering wanders. Brakes suck. removed mirrors, plastic front grill
9/8/2015Cleaned up motor/trans/engine compartment a bit.
9/9/2015Removed front bumper, grill trim, head lamp buckets, left fender, hammered out dents in stone guard (i think that's what it is called) and stripped paint from it. Some fender body work.
9/10/2015remove/replace power steering pump. remove tie rods, power steering cylinder, pwr str control valve, drag link, idler arm
9/11/2015Rebuild control valve
9/13/2015Rebuild control valve (again) , install inner/outer tierods, install idler arm, install rebuilt control valve, install cylinder boot kit, rough alignment
9/14/2015Install PS v-belt, add PS fluid (T5 trans fluid), start and test PS. (PS working correctly but leaking badly from return hose)
9/17/2015Install all new power steering hoses, refill fluid, start and test PS. WORKS!!! Adjust idle speed to account for load of PS pump. Purchase 245/45/17 tires from local through craigslist
9/18/2015practice body work on bumper-grille panel
9/20/2015vacuum advance leaks from dry rot. replace distributor, points, condensor, rotor, cap. Started motor but still need to set timing.
9/21/2015replace plug wires, set timing to 6 BTC, richened carb idle jets, lowered idle speed. Test drive - power steering working great. Gauges working (except oil pressure...need new sending unit and needs to be reconnected.)
9/22/2015align driver side door. hinges not bent...door piller is twisted slightly. shimmed hinges and adjusted alignment.
9/23/2015replace PCV valve and breather, replace most vacuum lines. Vacuum reservoir cannister under fender is bad. May need to be replaced when A/C is upgraded. bypassed for now.
9/24/2015tires mounted to rims, wheels test fitted to car. Will need approximately 1.5" spacers.
9/25/2015Removed left front drum brakes, remove master cylinder
9/26/2015Installed left rotor, caliper, brake hose, bearings, brake pads, noticed bad rear brake hose
9/27/2015Removed right fender, Removed right front drum brakes, installed right rotor, caliper, brake hose, bearings, brake pads, Clean rear seats, remove antenna
9/28/2015Installed left side wheel spacers. Test fit wheels. Front will need upper control arms ground down for clearance
9/29/2015Ground left UCA. Wheel clears with 5/16 spacer. Will clear without spacer if the clip on wheel weights are replaced with stick-on.
9/30/2015Removed left front seat, removed front carpet. covered floorboard with oil-dry
10/1/2015Removed right front seat, removed rear carpet. Vacuumed oil-dry. Found rust under right rear seat. leaking from back window. Removed back window trim
10/2/2015Removed back window, removed package tray, remove and replace fuel filler hose
10/3/2015Ground right UCA, installed right wheel spacers, removed interior quarter panels, greased rear window tracks, remove steering column, remove dash pad, remove gauge cluster, remove brake assembly, paint brake bracket
10/4/2015install brake assembly with new power brake pedal, install steering column, plumb rear brake proportioning valve and new master cylinder lines, Install brake booster, replace rear brake hose, bench bleed master cylinder, install mc, bleed brakes. Discover bad leak at union fitting connecting to proportioning valve
10/5/2015cut rear brake line to remove bad fitting and re-flare. reconnect proportioning valve. bleed brakes. remove clip-on wheel weights and replace with stick-on. mount wheels.
10/6/2015quick brake test in driveway. Brakes seem to be working fine.
10/7/2015test drive. brakes working great. rumbling coming from rear diff. or maybe rear brake drums
10/8/2015remove left door glass and window regulator
10/9/2015Remove right door glass and regulator. Weld 3 broken window guides
10/11/2015repair right rear floor pan, remove trailer hitch, remove rear bumper, remove rear valance, remove taillights, remove side markers, remove mustang from trunk, remove rear seat belts, replace fuel hose between gas tank and line, clean engine compartment some, paint export brace, begin stripping paint from left door
10/12/2015strip paint from left rear fender extension
10/14/2015strip paint from driver door, hammer/dolly dents in driver door, paint right export brace, paint part of firewall
10/15/2015order ClassicAir.com Perfect Fit Elite A/C system. 1-877-342-5526 Dwight ext. 8023 Remove York a/c compressor, a/c hoses
10/16/2015Remove last of a/c components from engine bay
10/17/2015Install Pertronix Ignitor ignition and Flame Thrower coil. Reset timing, adjust idle mixture richer. Now pulling 20 lbs vacuum
10/18/2015remove old upholstery from passenger seat, paint and lubricate seat tracks. Attach seat foam to seat frame. Clean and paint parts of engine bay and shock towers.
10/19/2015clean and paint engine bay
10/20/2015remove and paint fan and pulleys. paint radiator. clean/polish/paint alternator, drain radiator, remove radiator and heater hoses.
10/21/2015paint engine bay, paint intake manifold, valve covers, engine block. Reinstall painted parts, carb, distributor cap, wires, vacuum hoses
10/22/2015reinstall hoses, alternator, fan, belts, begin A/C install - mount compressor brackets and compressor
10/23/2015drain radiator, fill with 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water, remove glovebox, remove heater coil/ac evaporator box, remove blower motor, paint AC idler pully and bracket
10/25/2015drain radiator, flush with water. Install new hose clamps. install AC idler pully, install AC belt. Install new AC blower/heater/evaporator unit under dash
10/26/2015connect heater hoses, connect A/C hoses, remove hood latch assembly, install condensor
10/27/2015Modify condensor bracket to fit hood latch assembly, reinstall hood latch assembly, wire compressor and control unit to high pressure switch, zip-tie A/C hoses to export brace, fill radiator with 50/50 antifreeze/water
10/30/2015Install upholstery on passenger bucket seat
11/1/2015remove lower dash, bypass resistor wire to coil, regap spark plugs to .040. remove and repaint steering wheel
11/2/2015paint lower dash, kickpanels, various other interior trim pieces - rustoleum professional semi-gloss black
11/3/2015Install lower dash
11/4/2015Cut out battery tray, weld patch
11/7/2015Mount new battery tray
11/9/2015refurbish gauge cluster with new paint and new lenses. Install gauge cluster, install upper dash, test fit coverlay dash pad, strip paint right rear quarter and roof
11/13/2015convert manual choke back to automatic thermal choke, adjust fast idle, strip paint trunk lid
11/15/2015body work on hood, welded back together, begin stripping hood
11/16-21/2015strip paint
11/22/2015hammer out dents in front and rear valances. weld a few cracks in valances
11/23/2015reinstall hood
11/24/2015install 2" lowering blocks on rear leaf springs. remove shocks
11/25/2015r&r radiator, thermostat, radiator cap, oil pressure sending unit
11/26/2015fill cooling system, check for leaks, bondo work on hood
11/27/2015rebuild left rear drum brakes
11/28/2015rebuild right rear drum brakes, remove right coil spring and upper control arm
11/29/2015rebuild right upper control arm w/ new ball joint and pivot, r&r right lower control arm, replace right side sway bar end link and bushings, replace right spring perch, install new heavy duty coil spring (full height), install new right front shock
11/30/2015body work on hood
12/1/2015remove left coil spring, cut 1.33 coils off, relocate left UCA 1" lower (shelby drop), reinstall cut coil spring
12/2/2015body work on hood, remove right front shock, weld broken shock tower mount, remove right coil spring, remove right UCA, drill holes for shelby drop, rebuild UCA with new ball joint and pivot
12/3/2015Finish front suspension
12/4/2015Remove left leaf spring, replace bushings with PU. Broke shackle while removing. Paint spring and perch.
12/5/2015Install new chrome air filter, install left leaf spring, remove right spring, replace bushings
12/6/2015Install right leaf spring, install exhaust
12/7/2015strip paint
12/8/2015strip paint
12/9/2015strip paint
12/10/2015strip paint
12/11/2015strip paint, trim cowl scoop
12/12/2015remove hood, strip paint. order paint
12/13/2015strip paint, body filler on pass. door
12/14/2015paint arrived
12/15/2015strip paint on underside of hood, paint epoxy on same
12/16/2015paint epoxy top of hood, front and rear valances
12/17/2015weld hood scoop
12/18/2015begin bodywork around hood scoop
12/19/2015bodywork on hood scoop
12/20/2015bodywork on hood scoop
12/21/2015install hood
12/22/2015remove rear windows and tracks, remove side "scoops"
12/23/2015progress 1/16 to this point bodywork on passenger side
12/24/2015epoxy hood and scoop, epoxy right fender
12/25/2015bodywork on wrecked driver door
12/26/2015bodywork on driver side
12/27/2015clean off stripper residue with wire wheel
12/28/2015epoxy left fender
12/29/2015epoxy rest of car, primer surfacer all but fenders and valances and hood and trunk
12/30/20154/11/2016 to 4/19 guidecoat and block roof, left door
12/31/2015primer surfacer on fenders and valances
1/1/2016remove hood, primer surfacer on hood and trunklid
1/2/2016block sand hood
4/26/2016block sand hood
5/21/20164/27 to 5/21 lots of block sanding
5/22/2016primer surfacer 2nd time, whole car
6/5/20165/23 to 6/5 second and third block sanding 120 grit then 400, fill all piholes and imperfections with spot putty
6/10/2016paint bottom of hood and trunk - epoxy, two coats base, two coats clear
6/11/2016assemble paint booth
6/12/2016mask car and prep for paint
6/13/2016paint day!! paint - 1 coat epoxy sealer, 4 coats super jet black base, midcoat screamin red xyrillec pearl stripes, 2 coats 2K MS clear
6/20/2016cut/buff trunklid, install MUSTANG letters, install gas cap
6/21/2016cut/buff taillight panel
6/22/2016clean/repair/polish/install tail lights
6/23/2016polish/install trunk lock
6/25/2016sand valances, mirrors, cowling, scoop trim
6/26/2016paint valances, mirrors, cowling, scoop trim
6/27/2016install top cowl and trim, clean/polish reverse light, install rear valance, install rear bumper
6/29/2016repair mounting stud on reverse light
6/30/2016clean/polish reverse light, install reverse lights with new lenses, install new left tail light lens, test new brake pedal switch
7/1/2016paint door jambs
7/2/2016repaint door jambs
7/3/2016remove fenders, install new headlight bucket seals, install headlight bucket trim, install and align fenders, install stone guard, install front valance
7/4/2016install front bumper
7/5/2016cut/buff left side scoop area, install side scoop, cut/buff left door handle area, install door handle
7/7/2016painted grille, repaired grill emblem
7/8/2016installed grille emblem on grill
7/9/2016paint stoneguard matte black, install stoneguard, install chrome trim on stoneguard, install grille, replace brake switch (fixed brake lights), cut/buff pass. door handle area, install pass. door handle, test drive (engine began to die), removed and cleaned clogged fuel filter, adjusted carb pump for leaner squirt, test drive (ran great), fixed turn signals (bad connection at connector underneath steering column), removed dash and instrument cluster to replace bulbs
7/10/2016worked on electrical problems - dash lights, turn signals. fixed both but need new headlight switch. polished front turn signal lenses, replaced bulbs in front turn signals, installed front turn signals, checked all instrument panel lights, replaced bulbs in side markers
7/11/2016ordered gas tank and sending unit, ordered headlight switch, cut/buff area around right scoop, install right scoop, install new gaskets on rear side markers
7/13/2016glued window brackets to windows. Goop.
7/14/2016installed left quarter window
7/15/2016installed left door window, installed roofline weatherstrip channel and window guides
7/16/2016align windows for good seal. this is difficult since door glass is 1970 bolt-in style and quarter window is 1969.
7/17/2016installed new headlight switch, welded emergency brake release handle, cleaned carburetor
7/18/2016installed right quarter window and door glass. installed roofline weatherstrip and adjusted window alignment for good seal
7/19/2016fixed dome light - bad connection in fuse block and left door switch is intermittant. need to order new switches. I think this is the last electrical issue to troubleshoot.
7/20/2016stripped upholstery from driver seat, painted seat frames
7/21/2016sand orange peel on left rear quarter and roof
7/23/2016buff left rear quarter and roof
7/24/2016reupholster driver seat
7/26/2016realigned driver side window, repair quarter window seal, repair small tear in rear seat
7/29/2016Started headliner install.
7/30/2016finished headliner, installed carpet, reinstalled dashpad, installed front headliner trim, made new package tray and covered with old headliner
7/31/2016finished carpet, installed kick panels, installed seats
8/2/2016installed beltline weatherstripping
8/3/2016installed hood bumpers, door bumpers, trunk bumpers, cowl to hood seal, trunk weatherstrip, door to window seals, sun visors, window crank knobs
8/4/2016installed windlace, installed new dome light bezel, installed new wiper washer hoses. Need new washer pump.
8/6/2016installed rear window, installed rear window trim
8/7/2016installed door edge weatherstripping, installed watershield and left door panel, leak tested - failed. leaking around tail light lenses. Need new gaskets.
8/8/2016installed bottom door seals
8/9/2016installed new front seat belts, fixed hood latch, replaced windshield washer pump, replaced windshield wipers, tightened upholstery on back seat, soaked rear seat belts in hot soapy water
8/11/2016installed armrests, right door panel, tail light gaskets, rear seat belts, 6x9 speakers in rear deck, door jamb switch
8/18/2016cut radio bezel to fit DIN sized digital media receiver
8/19/2016mount receiver to bezel, install in car.
8/20/2016paint trunk, cut/buff right quarter and door
8/21/2016cut/buff right fender
8/22/2016cut hood, left fender, left door
8/23/2016buff hood, left fender, left door

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